Certificate in Theology

The Certificate in Theology Program is a secondary program designed to equip students for effective ministry as a pastor, evangelist, Sunday school teacher, or church planter. This is a three-year program It is designed to promote in students growth toward personal maturity and professional ministry competence. The objectives of the program are accomplished through classroom instruction, the modelling of lecturers, the practice of ministry through the Supervised Field Ministry Experience and Learning Contracts.

Credits earned in this programme are not transferable to the post-secondary programme. The Certificate in Theology programme includes

  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Church History
  • Communication Skills
  • Evangelism
  • Library Skills
  • Missions
  • New Testament
  • Old Testament
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Counselling
  • Homiletics
  • Christian Education
  • Church Music
  • Supervised Field Ministry Experience
  • Theology
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Gender and Theology

New Testament Section

  • NT01 Synoptic Gospels
  • NT02 Gospel of John & Epistles
  • NT03 Acts – History of the Early Church
  • NT04 Romans & Galatians
  • NT05 Ephesians
  • NT06 Corinthians
  • NT07 Pastoral Epistles
  • NT08 Hebrews – Jude the Testing of Faith
  • NT09 Revelation

Old Testament Section

  • OT01 Studies in the Pentateuch
  • OT02 Israel as a Nation
  • OT03 Psalms and Songs of Solomon
  • OT04 Job, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes
  • OT05 Jeremiah
  • OT06 Isaiah
  • OT07 Ezekiel
  • OT08 Minor Prophets
  • OT09 Malachi

Preaching Section

  • HM01 Sermon Building
  • HM02 Sermon Delivery
  • HM03 Doctrinal Preaching
  • HM04 Evangelistic Preaching
  • HM05 Preaching from the Gospels
  • HM06 Preaching from the Epistles
  • HM07 Preaching from the OT
  • HM08 Preaching and HIV/AIDS
  • HM09 Preaching to Youth

Church History Section

  • CH01 Early Church History
  • CH02 Medieval Church History
  • CH03 Reformation and Protestant History
  • CH04 History of the church Growth in Africa
  • CH05 History of the Baptists
  • CH06 Baptist Beliefs and Practices
  • CH07 Baptist Theologians

Theology Section

  • TH01 Introduction to Theology
  • TH02 Doctrine of God the Father
  • TH03 Doctrine of God – Christ
  • TH04 Doctrine of God – Holy Spirit
  • TH05 Doctrine of Man and Salvation
  • TH06 Doctrine of the Church
  • TH07 Kingdom and Eschatology
  • TH08 Basic Biblical Interpretation
  • TH09 Contemporal Theologies

Evangelism & Missions Section

  • EV01 Personal Evangelism
  • EV02 Strategies of Evangelism
  • EV03 Youth Evangelism
  • EV04 Child Evangelism
  • MS01 Biblical Basis of Missions
  • MS02 Comparative Religion and Cults
  • MS03 Islam
  • MS04 Cross-Cultural Ministry
  • MS05 Introduction to Church Growth

Practical Theology Section

  • PM01 Pastoral Leadership & Practice
  • PM02 Leadership Development
  • PM03 Financial Management
  • PM04 Life in the Pastorate
  • PM05 Church Conflict Management
  • PM06 Christian Family Life
  • PM07 Biblical Eghical Standards
  • PM08 Contemporary Christian Issues in Malawi
  • PM09 HIV/AIDS, Understanding
  • PM10 HIV/AIDS, Understanding
  • PM11 HIV/AIDS, Understanding
  • PM12 Spiritual Formation

Counselling Section

  • CN01 Introduction to Counselling
  • CN02 Pastoral Care and Counselling
  • CN03 Pre-marital and Marital Counselling
  • CN04 Issues in Family Counselling
  • CN05 Peer Counselling and Support Groups
  • CN06 Crisis Counselling
  • CN07 HIV/AIDS Counselling

Christian Education Section

  • CE01 Introduction to Christian Education
  • CE02 Teaching the Word of God
  • CE03 Teaching Children Effectively
  • CE04 Ministry to Parents
  • CE05 Developing a Sunday School Programme
  • CE06 Teaching Literary